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We are a proud member of the American Association of Meat Processors.

About Us

Power Hungry Foods LLC is a company that is founded on a belief that consumers demand innovative, quality products that enhance their lives. With this in mind, Power Hungry Foods LLC has developed, and will develop, several products that are perfect for active people on the go…athletes…weekend warriors…just about anybody who needs an energy boost and enjoys a quick fix quality snack at their finger tips.

The first product idea arose during a meeting between two professional business managers in the meat industry. Both, with sound backgrounds in the sausage industry and other various food companies, compiled a wish list of what would be innovative and provide a good value to the food industry. After several ideation sessions, it was decided that an energy beef stick was the answer! Never before formulated and never before manufactured for consumption, it was a brilliant idea to catapult the newly formed company into existence. Named Lightning Rods™, Power Hungry Foods LLC now had their flagship product! Lightning Rods are the first of many innovative and quality products to come that meet consumer needs and expectations. With many new products in the marketing plans, Power Hungry Foods LLC expects our early success to repeat itself for the benefits of their growing loyal customer base, again and again!

Power Hungry Foods LLC is committed to making great products, creating prosperity for all of our employees and our valued business partners, and helping make our communities better places to live and work. Our core values consist of 3 vital synergistic parts:

Great Products
To develop, distribute, sell, the finest quality innovative and new to the world food products and associated line extensions that meet consumer needs and fit with their active lifestyles. A commitment to incorporating wholesome, unique ingredients that enhance the eating experience while resulting in beneficial aspects for the body and mind. Sell safe, and satisfying products that leave the consumer wanting more!

Great Passion
Love your family, love your job, love your life! We are committed to incorporating our family values into how the business is run. We have a desire to achieve success without the typical strain on time allocated to be spent and enjoyed with family and friends. Everyone employed at Power Hungry Foods LLC will be respected for their opinions, encouraged to set personal and professional goals, and will be rewarded for their hard work in making this company great. We believe in the team concept and will facilitate camaraderie within the company between employees. It is important to us that people come to work happy and determined to make a difference in the success of the company. Love your family, love your job, love your life!

Great Steward
We will operate our company in a responsible way, actively recognizing the visible role that business plays in society. Power Hungry Foods LLC will commit to developing positive ways to improve the quality of life on the local and national levels. We will promote ethical business practices which respect the communities in which we live and we will work to protect our environment from waste and pollution.

Core to the mission of Power Hungry Foods LLC, is the belief that all of these three values intertwine in a manner that respects individuals within and outside our company and supports the various communities of which we all live and work. We will take a proactive approach to making our communities better and safer in a nonpartisan, benevolent manner. We want to leave the world a better place for our children.

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