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Jox Rod Reviews

Rod Reviews by Jox

Featuring reviews written by basketball players, football players, baseball
players, golfers and other athletes associated with traditional sports.
Cara Kokenes Samson Cara Kokenes Samson
Ms Fitness USA Champion
Ms Universe Champion
Ms Fitness Legacy Champion
Fitness America Pageant ESPN Series Champion
Varsity Fitness National Champion

" LIGHTNING RODS Beef Sticks are the perfect snack for my “on the go” lifestyle! I LOVE the taste and LOVE the fact that there is FINALLY a healthy, energizing, protein source, conveniently available. "

Cara Kokenes Samson
Mike Miller

Mike Miller
1st Man to Squat 1,200 lbs
3rd Man to Bench 800 lbs
Powerlifter/Hall of Fame Weightlifter
Pro Wrestler/Pro Strongman
MMA/UFC Fighter
Actor/Co-Star w/Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"

"I have been a professional athlete for over ten years. As an athlete, I am always looking for something new to supplement my diet, but it is hard to find something that tastes good and is good for you. Lightning Rods Energy Sticks solve that problem! Not only do they taste good and give you a sustained energy boost but they are not full of by-products and fillers. Before my workouts or anytime I want a healthy “pick me up”, I reach for Lightning Rods from Power Hungry Foods."

Mike Miller

Tommy Rodine

Tommy Rodine

Head Coach at Granite City Gymnastics
Elite Club Gymnastics Levels 4 - 10
Agility/Strengthen Training D-1 Athletes

"I always recommend Lightning Rods for my athletes. They boost energy levels, making the training sessions far more productive and focused."

Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh
NCAA Collegiate Golfer
State Open Qualifier 2008

"Lightning Rods are a great alternative to sugary energy drinks that taste bad. Whenever I need an energy boost to finish a tournament, I reach for a Lightning Rod! I can truthfully say that Lightning Rods have given me the energy to hit the ball 300+ yards."

Candice Houston

Candice Houston
Professional Figure and Bodybuilding Celebrity
1st- NPC 2009 USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Overall Figure Champion 2008 IFBB Arnold Classic
1st - IFBB North American 2007 Championships
2nd - NPC 2008 National Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
2nd - NPC 2008 USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

"Amazing taste, convenient and efficient way to get that Energy Boost for my intense workouts!"

Oscar Cortina

Oscar Cortina
Owner, PlayBall Training Center

"Lightning Rods are good tasting and also deliver the right amount of energy for the athlete."

Danielle Cazorla

Danielle Cazorla
2009 NPC Europa
Figure Teen Champion

"Lightning Rods. Lean beef, high energy and low in sugar and carbs. Truly a great part of my regime!"

Tom Bevans

Tom Bevans
WCHA Division I
College Hockey Referee

"Furious goal to goal action requires stamina to be a hockey referee and Lightning Rods supply me with the stamina and all important energy for the whole game. Enjoy some in your activities where stamina is essential!"

Joelle DeCarlo Joelle DeCarlo
Guard/ Eastern University

"I eat a Lightning Rod before practices and on game days. They not only give me sufficient energy throughout my practices or games, but prolonged energy into the night for studying and homework."

Zachary Fodor Zachary Fodor
USF LAX Goalie

"I am a big fan of LIGHTNING RODS! They are the best on field "pick me up" ever invented."

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