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No Flat Earth Rod Reviews

Rod Reviews by No Flat Earth

Featuring reviews written by surfers, skaters, BMXers, and other
extreme athletes.
Keith Baldassare
Keith Baldassare . .
Pro Vert Skateboarder . .
Eastwood Rigged & Retarded, CA 1st Bowl 2009
Vans Warp Tour - Orlando, FL   1st Mini Ramp 2008
Melbourne, FL - Spring Roll     1st Bowl & 1st Street 2008
Skatelab - King of the Groms   Best Trick 2008
Stone Edge - GE Jam  1st Bowl 2008
Florida Bowl Riders Series 2007  Champion 2007
Keith will be in the 2010 Guinness World Record Book for “most consecutive front side ollies on a half-pipe” (his record is 348).
"Great tasting and they give me extra Energy!"
Curtis Williams Curtis Williams
Ironman Tri-Athlete
2009 Louisville Ironman Finisher

"Lightning Rods are perfect for providing an Energy Boost during endurance training and racing!"

CJ Dixon CJ Dixon
AST Dew Tour
Street Skateboarder

"They taste good and they really have a kick!"

Tylor Thornsley

Tylor Thornsley
Pro Surfer Grom
ESA 2006-2007
- 1st Place Boys Division
2006 AAU National Championships - 1st Place Boys

“These Lightning Rods are DANK!”

"Snap Happy" Pessaro "Snap Happy" Pessaro
Molly Rogers - Jammer
Professional Girls Roller Derby

I've been playing Roller Derby for over a year now and we travel all over the state of Florida and even some out of state bouts. Lightning Rods are easy to pack and very convenient. When I'm skating hard - whether at practice or at a game - I have to be tough! Lightning Rods give my body the stamina it needs to be my best and they taste "good and hearty" just the way a roller derby girl likes it."
Tommy Blyth Tommy Blyth
USN Diver

"These Lightning Rods give me important mental clarity and focus."

Chris Duff Chris Duff
Pro Surfer

"Lightning Rods give me a wave of energy to keep up my intensity during events and as a quick, hearty snack!"

Granite City Gymnastics Granite City Gymnastics
Coaches: Tommy Rodine and Liz Schulte

"Our team travels statewide and packs Lightning Rods for every meet. A wholesome snack lasting for hours....oh and 'P.S.' - the girls love 'em, too!".

Z. Fodor Z. Fodor
Disney Marathon Medalist

"Before running great distances I ensure my endurance with Lightning Rods and plenty of hydration and then again during the event. Its a can't miss combination!"

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